Organic Beef Frozen Knuckle Bones

$12.99 NZD

Organic Beef Frozen Knuckle Bones

Our 100% Certified Organic Free Range, Grass Fed & Grass Finished frozen beef knuckle end bones are renowned for lasting for days if not weeks!

Beef marrow knuckle end bones are a firm bone and give your animal hours of endless gnawing and chewing fun!

We pack fresh and freeze immediately to lock in the freshness in a resealable freezer safe bag.  Perfect for convenient freezer storage.

Net weight 1kg (Approx 2-3 bones per pk)


100% NZ Organic Beef Free Range Grass fed, Grass Finished.

THE HONEST WAY: Preservative Free, Antibiotic Free, 100% Natural, No Added Hormones, Grain Free, Gluten Free, Grass Fed, Free Range and Proudly only New Zealand Meat.

All Our Beef is 100% Born & Raised in NZ