Our Story

We are what we eat.

This was our thought when the idea for Honest Pet Treats was sparked!  We all love a good treat, and its even better when its 100% natural clean & healthy.

Our gorgeous best mates (Fur Babies) were born on this planet to eat meat, so why give them anything else?

Our recipe is so top secret that no body else is doing it .. it's 100% natural NZ Organic Meat, that's it!

No need for tricky wording in recipes or claims, this is just good Honest Organic Beef & Lamb. 
Raised right here in NZ on certified organic farms on the healthiest juiciest grass.  No antibiotics, no cages, all organic free range and grass fed, ethically raised with no pesticide sprays in sight!

What does this mean for your fur baby?  It means no grains to cause itchy skin issues, no preservatives or nasty ingredients to upset their gentle tummy's, no salt to dehydrate them.  Just the best damn smelling packet of dog treats (to your wee friend) that will bring them running every time you open the bag!

Delivered Nationwide to your door.  Super convenient!

We are passionate about what we do and guarantee the quality of our product.Honest Pet Co organic natural NZ pet treats german shepherd